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Northwest Allen County Schools

Northwest Allen County Schools

NACS Mission, Vision, and Core Beliefs


The mission of Northwest Allen County Schools is to provide a healthy and safe learning environment that engages, supports, and challenges each learner in a culture of achievement and excellence.


Northwest Allen County Schools aspires to be a nationally recognized, exemplary school corporation committed to preparing each child for the demands of a continuously changing global society by inspiring and empowering each child to learn, hope, dream, appreciate, create, innovate, integrate, excel, participate, and contribute.

Core Beliefs

Northwest Allen County Schools believes …

  • each child, regardless of race/ethnicity, religion, creed, economic advantage or disadvantage, native language, or mental, emotional, or physical challenges, can be successful, and as a result, the School’s purpose is to provide a healthy and safe learning environment that helps each child achieve success by engaging, supporting, and challenging each of them;
  • successful schools encourage and engage in collaborations and partnerships between and among teachers, staff, parents, community members, and social and government agencies to create positive learning environments and to provide necessary resources to adhere to its mission and achieve its vision.
  • the Board and the Superintendent collaborate to ensure fiscal responsibility, adherence to community values, and compliance with all applicable laws and government regulations; and
  • in maintaining and modeling the highest standard of personal and institutional ethics.