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Fort Wayne Catholic Schools

Fort Wayne Catholic Schools

History records that in August of 1846, our diocesan schools were opened with an endowment of $4600. Saint Mother Theodore Guerin and Sisters Mary Magdalen, Catherine, and Caroline of the Sisters of Providence enrolled sixty girls in the new St. Augustine Academy. After a request by Mother Guerin, the bishop acquired the assistance of the Brothers of the Holy Cross to instruct the boys.  With a “cow and a calf grazing “on the school property, the new St. Augustine Academy enrolled South German Catholics, American Protestants, Canadian French children, and Miami Native American girls. Over one hundred sixty-five years have passed since Mother Guerin, one of eight American saints, labored, taught, and prayed for children, families and Catholics residing within our diocesan boundaries.

Canterbury School

Our principals, teachers, and staff are just as committed to teaching the truth and beauty of our Catholic faith as the founding Sisters of Providence; our schools remain strong, and student populations are no less diverse over a century and a half later. Recent historic legislation has allowed parents to choose Catholic schools as an option for educating children.  Our teachers, principals, and staff dedicated to Christ’s teaching ministry welcome all inquiries about how to enroll a child in our schools.  Parish and school contact information is available within this web page.  Principals can assist parents on the steps to make applications for vouchers and special Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) awards.  Theresa Delgado, (574) 255 1387 is available in the Office of Education to assist with questions on vouchers and SGO awards as well. Children enrolled in our Catholic schools form their faith, share the faith, and grow in their faith daily; parents participate in a variety of ways to support each school community.